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Creating organisations for  tomorrow through adaptive cultures and systems

Coaching that transforms the way your organisation works with leadership of tomorrow. Create a workplace people want to be in, and improve.

Train your leaders and employees in embracing neurodivergent superpowers and creating neuro-affirming spaces and places.

From reinventing old ways of works to developing new ones, we help you look at leadership, culture, systems and processes to improve your organisation.

Deep dive into what makes your employees tick and your leaders soar. Create the ideal culture, so productivity, innovation, and profits increase.

Every organisation wants to be great for its people, communities and the planet. We can get you there by improving or reinventing your organisation.

But how are we different? We take inspiration from our like-minded friends at Reinventing Organisations and Brave New Work and are bringing the New Work movement to Australia. We see organisational transformation as a non-linear process that is complex in nature, and requires a mixture of human-centred design, evolutionary progress and experimentation. We're not just 'another culture company'. We do things differently, and have strong testimonials from our clients to back up our work.

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trees representing brave new work and reinventing organisations


Organisations are the intersection of leadership, processes, systems, culture and people. We use cutting-edge theory and research, alongside analytic capacity, to help organisations change what they need to. From improving old ways, reinventing them, or simply developing new ways of working - we have you covered.


20% of the workforce are neurodivergent - that's autistic, or have ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourettes or other diagnoses. Learn how to embrace the superpowers of neurodivergent employees and leaders, and set up your workplace or event space to be neruo-affirming and neuro-friendly. Our training session is customised to your workplace, so get in touch today to find out more.

People reinventing organisations in Australia by discussing new ways of work at desks


People are amazing, fascinating and complex. Bring lots of people together, and the results can be exceptional or harmful. We get people, and can help you to leverage your workforce for the good of your organisation and your people. We're the culture and systems people. Are you ready to get involved in some brave new work?

Grrenery representing brave new work about mentally healthy workplaces


Research shows clear links between mental health and workplace performance. However, many workplaces are actively bad for the mental health of employees, which can often be due to culture and systems. We help adjust or reinvent how organisations work with their people to cultivate health and productivity.


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