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Human Systems Co. brings together everything to look at, and evolve, the modern organisation.


Founded by organisational coach Dean Williamson and communications and management expert Megan Storey, Human Systems Co. is neo-generalist in nature, bringing significant experience and skills across many aspects of organisational structure and function. This means that we can give a presentation in your oak-panelled board room about efficiency metrics, and put on work boots and assess organisational culture with your staff in the field over a hamburger (oozing sauce, of course!).

We'll put specialists in statistics, data collection and analysis, IT, comms, engagement and graphic design to work when we decide that we need them. But every organisational plan is unique, and therefore so is the skill mix you'll need.​

Get started with a problem definition or audit, and then we'll help you to follow through on your plan. Contact us for a free, no-obligations chat.

Green Wall


Dean from Human Systems Co

Dean Williamson

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Dean Williamson has been a performance coach for well over a decade. He's done the list - coached in banks, clubs, sports teams, big commercial companies, small businesses, tech start-up's, venture capital - the whole deal. He was a specialist in strategy and strategic planning, and also got really into data and measurement, with a stint running a team of statisticians and data scientists doing big, complex program evaluations. He used to love accountability and goals and saying things like "when will you deliver this?" And then something changed. He noticed that people actually wanting the goals they set would overcome the need for discipline, or punishment, or scolding. He found that some environments brought the best out of people, and in other environments, no matter how hard he coached, things just kept going wrong.

So now organisational design is his life. Our world and systems produce our experience, and he and his colleagues at Human Systems Co are rare Australian specialists in some fields that are at the cutting edge of management practice in Europe, Asia and the US. They are the Australian supporters for Teal Around the World and the Future or Work 24 Hours Unconference, and they coach and facilitate in all sized organisations to produce long, deep and sustainable change towards organisational purpose.

Dean also hosts the Better Work Australia podcast, and you can contact him at

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Megan Storey

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Megan Storey helps organisations be better and do better. Whether it’s culture work, change projects, organisational design, processes, people, communications, engagement or implementing systems, she helps transform workplaces with new ways of working. Meg also coaches leaders and managers on creating great culture in teams and the wider positive impact leaders can make.

As a wearer of many hats, Meg also runs her own teal organisation. So when working with clients, she brings a multi-dimensional approach to transformation, understanding the unique needs of leaders, employees and contractors.


With experience in both the UK and Australia, Meg has worked with companies like BHP, the NHS, Western Sydney Airport, as well as small businesses and in local Government. She gets people and systems, and works with individuals and companies to improve, so that their impact reaches beyond their bottom line. Her goal is to extend that impact so it improves the lives of their staff, families, and wider communities, and aids sustainability. 

You can contact her at


Isabel Papadopoulos

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Isabel Papadopoulos believes we're at the next stage of organisational evolution, where we can holistically bring together purpose, people and profit to make great things. Isabel has a background in Psychology and a specific interest in organisational psychology.


Having significant experience in work health and safety, Isabel has spent a significant amount of her career helping people recover from psychological injuries at work. She is all about promoting mentally healthy workplaces and improving mental wellbeing at work.

As a People Lead, she works with clients to help their organisations undertake deep, structural transformation with a focus on employee happiness and wellbeing. 

You can contact her at

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