Dean from Human Systems Co
Megan from Human Systems Co

Human Systems Co. brings together everything to look at, and evolve, the modern organisation.

Founded by organisational coach Dean Williamson and communications and management expert Megan Storey, Human Systems Co. is neo-generalist in nature, bringing significant experience and skills across many aspects of organisational structure and function. This means that we can give a presentation in your oak-panelled board room about efficiency metrics, and put on work boots and assess organisational culture with your staff in the field over a hamburger (oozing sauce, of course!).

We'll put specialists in statistics, data collection and analysis, IT, comms, engagement and graphic design to work when we decide that we need them. But every organisational plan is unique, and therefore so is the skill mix you'll need.​

Get started with a problem definition or audit, and then we'll help you to follow through on your plan. Contact us for a free, no-obligations chat.