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Culture is the set of rules, expectations and forces which shape individual behaviour in your organisation. Culture is very hard to see/observe from the inside, because you're surrounded by the signs and practices every day. However, there is no bigger force in an organisation than its culture.

Culture is also subject to scale - teams will have a culture created by the individuals in it, a section or department will have a culture, and an organisation can, overall, be seen as having a culture. As such, culture is created by groups of people, but is also shaped by the systems which surround them.

Anyone who thinks that culture change is simple and linear is dangerously over-simplifying. The process requires consultation, honesty, goodwill, a willingness to accept hard truths, and the ability to challenge and change behaviours, both individually and in teams.

To do culture work successfully, you need 'people' people. That's us. We bring organisational experience, psychology, communications, and a genuine like for people and the great things that they can do together. We also bring the analytical capacity to tell if initiatives are working - data science, outcomes measurement and statistics.

See our organisational development page for how we go about our work, and whether you might be a client for us. Or contact us for a free, no-obligations chat.

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