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We're not your everyday business coaches. We work with business owners or team leaders who are wanting to make a positive change in their company. We help leaders improve culture, systems and processes that in turn, increases happiness and productivity, resulting in growth - in people and the bottom line. 

Our team of coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Inspired by the principles of teal working, our coaches have experience from business consulting, culture and change management to marketing and business development, and even organisational psychology. And we work together, so we get to dip in and out of skill sets and expertise as needed - we have the whole toolbox to help your organisation be better and do better.

Our coaching packages are below, but if you have something bespoke you'd like to chat to us about, please contact us and we can create a custom package that best suits your needs.

New Growth



  • One coaching session each fortnight

  • Advice and guidance on issues/strategy/processes/systems

  • $200 - 350 + GST / fortnight

Our Seedling coaching package is an introduction to the world of coaching. Here we meet with you once per fortnight. We listen to the issues you're experiencing, be in short or long term, and provide you with advice and guidance, giving you the confidence to implement systems, or have conversations with your team as needed.



  • One coaching session each fortnight

  • Two hours of work on your business each fortnight

  • Advice and guidance on issues/strategy/processes/systems

  • $550 - 800 + GST / fortnight


Our Butterfly coaching package is our most popular package. It includes everything in our Seedling package, as well as time for our coaches to work on tangible aspects of business improvement or change. For example, you might want help engaging your team and drafting a team agreement. Or maybe you need to run engagement sessions to draw up a new employee pathway plan? Whatever your needs, we'll be there to provide guidance and advice, as well as develop processes, plans or resources to help you achieve your goals.

Bees at Work



  • One coaching session each week

  • Five hours of work on your business each week 

  • $1150 - 1450 + GST / week

The Hive coaching program is for businesses who really understand the value of coaching, and the link between great culture and success. Here we work with you and members of your team weekly, through coaching sessions, engagement work, or indeed developing processes, systems, agreements or more. We can help you or your team lead longer-term change or transition projects, or plan for future growth and development. This package is about having someone work in your business, both from the outside and inside.



  • Choose your number of sessions

  • Chose the number of hours we work in your organisation

  • $ Chat to us for your bespoke package price

Sometimes we're like Goldilocks, and need the coaching experience that is just right! Or maybe you'd like a mix between coaching and business consultancy. Regardless of your reasons, we can pull together a bespoke package that meets your organisation's needs. Simply contact us for a chat.

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An effective business consultant with expertise in marketing, systems, culture and business development. 


An expert on helping businesses

grow through a focus on people, engagement, coaching and systems.


An rehabilitation counsellor specialising in creating mentally healthy workplaces.

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