What do we do?

Anyone who leads an organisation knows how complex they can be. We help organisations to evolve and progress, including assisting them to resolve a number of organisational challenges, including:

  • Change management, especially for organisations who acknowledge the human elements of change

  • People-centred practices and leadership

  • Decentralising power

  • Values-based decision-making

  • Gender equality,

  • Workplace bullying

  • And much, much more (every organisation is unqiue, right?)

We are also Australia's leading specialist in new ways of working - whether that's Sociocracy, self-organising teal practice, Brave New Work, or any other approach, we know and can adapt our playbook.


Who are our clients?


We work best with organisations who want to progress towards organisational excellence - where profit, purpose and people come together to create something great. Our clients may not be there yet, but they must have the will to head off down that path.


How do we work?


Each of our projects matches the organisations that we work with. We can help your organisation through the following:

  • Beginning with a roadmap, which includes discussing your challenges and the path forward, which may include an organisation-wide or team audit of practices and culture using our Reinventing Organisations Map with 20 Domains of Organisational Development

  • An organisational development plan (or critical intervention planning), including identifying implementation steps and support

  • Change processes, including culture change and strategic communication

  • Implementation of interventions/initiatives, including performance assessment, leadership/executive coaching, communications, group facilitation and more.


To see this in practice, you should read our blog for case studies. Or contact us for a free, no-oligations chat.