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Call them what you like - interagencies, collective impact, working groups - in essence they are people and organisations coming together to achieve something. But outcomes in this "in-between" space are really difficult to achieve. You will experience diffusion of responsibility - where everyone is there and no one seems able to do anything, dips in momentum, people leaving organisations, and lots of planning with very little doing. All-in-all, sometimes these groups can be like a bad university group assignment.


Several of us at Human Systems Co. have worked extensively on some of the third sector's most cutting-edge, radically ideological, collaborative and collective impact projects. We have seen our core skills of agreement-making, relational (rather than organisational) network building, and  

who leads an organisation knows how complex they can be. We help organisations to evolve and progress, including assisting them to resolve a number of organisational challenges, including:

  • Change management, especially for organisations who acknowledge the human elements of change

  • People-centred practices and leadership

  • Decentralising power

  • Values-based decision-making

  • Gender equality

  • Workplace bullying

  • And much, much more (every organisation is unqiue, right?)

We are also Australia's leading specialist in new ways of working - whether that's Sociocracy, self-organising teal practices, Brave New Work, Team of Teams, or any other approach, we know and can adapt our playbook.

To see this in practice, you should read our blog for case studies. Or contact us for a free, no-oligations chat.

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