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  • Dean Williamson

How to make deep culture change in your organisation: The cascading change model

In this previous post I made a distinction between "change" projects and the deep transformation work that we do at Human Systems Co. One of the reasons that we see these as so different is because we see change as holistic and integrated, which I outline in the video below.

Our cascading change model

Our cascading change model looks at how transformation can accelerate over time, and use changed norms to produce greater impact within an organisation.

Some other points which you might like in the video:

  1. That organisational culture is comprised of 3 types of constructs: personal, interpersonal and systems

  2. Why culture change is hard for internal change-makers

  3. Why one of Human Systems Co's contracting conditions, "permission to roam", is an important concept in producing meaningful change

  4. How experimentation serves a change agenda

  5. Learning about some of the "plays" that we use to help to change culture, including leader-led change, intervention/case studying, network building and norming.

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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